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About Gabe's Painting & Decorating LTD. 

Gabe's Painting & Decorating Ltd. has always believed in making quality service its number one priority at the best possible prices. 

The company has been serving the Southern and Northern Interior of British Columbia since 1972. Specializing in institutional, commercial, and residential painting and decorating services, the Gabe's Painting & Decorating team will make your vision a reality. 

We have a bonding facility in place and can provide performance bonds, maintenance bonds, and labour and material bonds. Gabe's Painting & Decorating is a proud member of the Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) and the Independent Contractors and Business Association (ICBA). 

Our qualified crew provides quality service for your painting and decorating needs. 

About the owner

Al Pokeda first joined the Gabe's Painting & Decorating family in June 1996 as a young and determined apprentice. He took his trade with him to Calgary, before making his eventual return to Kamloops and the Gabe's Painting business in 2011. Under the leadership of Gabe Lucia, Al continued to learn and grow as a painter, taking the company over and continuing its legacy in the southern interior all the way to northern B.C. 

His passion for the trade is seen in the quality of work produced and the strong client relationships created. Al and his team believe in providing exceptional service at the best possible prices, while taking your vision to a reality. 

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Gabe's Painting & Decorating is not your average painter. The team can provide a variety of services, and always delivers with the best quality of work and customer service. Once you become a customer, Gabe's Painting will always be your painter.  


My husband and I bought our house in Batchelor Heights brand new fourteen years ago. After four kids and much wear and tear, we decided it was time to give our house a full-on makeover. We love our neighbourhood and did not want to move. Gabe's Painting played an integral role in recreating a new "home" for us that no longer looked as if it had been invaded by kids!

Carol Covaceuszach Kamloops, B.C.
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I approached Al and his team with an unusual task. At least I thought it was, but as it turns out they've provided this service many times before. My husband and I have been spending more time in the backyard and our old gazebo was becoming a bit of an eyesore. It still had lots of life in it and we wanted to still enjoy it. Gabe's Painting found a way for us to bring new life into the gazebo.

Sharon Dichrow Kamloops, B.C.
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We've had the pleasure to and work with Gabe's Painting on many occasions. The team has done some reno painting for us back from the time when the founder Gabe was with the company and now with Al and the results have always been consistent. They always made sure that we got exactly what we wanted but also weren't shy to tell us if something wasn't going to work. 

Dave & Janet Ellison Kamloops, B.C.
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